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kia caravan 2If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand caravan there’ll be loads of questions you’d like answered. To help you, so we’ve compiled here some of the basics such as what to look for ...and what to avoid. Considering buying a second-hand caravan is quite a big step, with a commitment to invest a fair amount of money. I you’ve no experience of buying second-hand caravans, things like “What type of caravan should I buy?” and “How old should it be?” may seem like almost unanswerable questions.

So, let’s get you started on your first step to second-hand caravan purchase and an enjoyable future of trouble-free touring...



What’s so great about second-hand caravans?

For many the choice to buy second-hand is made by budget constraints but there are actually many good reasons to buy second-hand. A second-hand caravan will hold its value far better than a new one and if minor wear or tear occurs, as it often does if you have pets or children, it’s far less significant. There’s a very wide choice of styles and specifications out there, and you won’t have any delivery delays that can occur with new models.

When should I buy?

March, April and May is our busiest period and we are usually working flat-out. Throughout the months preceding this period we are looking to clear stock to make space for new deliveries. This ‘dead’ period for sales, around Christmas and the New Year can be the perfect time to grab a bargain.

Alternatively once the rush of new caravan deliveries is over, our forecourts are usually full of second-hand caravans, many of which will have had only one owner.

Choosing the make and model?

When you’re investing a fair amount of money in a second-hand caravan you’ll want to make sure it’s the right one for you. Clearly personal preference will be a large informing factor to your decision, but you’ll also have to consider availability, budget, servicing and spare-parts availability. It’s also worth keeping in mind that anything too unusual could pose problems if you ever want to resell it at a later date. If the layout, style or finish is unconventional, it may be a bargain to buy, but that might be because other caravanners don’t find it very desirable. Here we’ve broken down the main points to consider when choosing the make and model of your second-hand caravan:
mid range, manufacturer, continental, specifications, size.

How old to buy?

You’ll be able to find out the age of a caravan by checking the serial number, usually found on the chassis or chassis plate. The caravan or chassis manufacturer will be able to identify the year and model of the caravan from the number. If the plate is missing, or the manufacturer is no longer in business, the caravan’s handbook should give you a clue to the age, but make sure it is the correct booklet for the model. Most caravans have a practical life of about 14 years, if they’re looked after, so you might want to choose a second-hand caravan that is well within that age. In order to get the best specification, modern styling and all mod-cons you should try to buy ‘as new as possible’. Of course the younger the caravan is, the more expensive it’s likely to be. If you intend to buy an older caravan, take some time to do a little research on the availability of spare parts and check the condition of the caravan very thoroughly.

If you are struggling at all just ask us at Rock Caravans and we can help!

I bought my first caravan from Rock Caravans. I have to say that the service was brilliant. Matt really helped me understand what to do and gave me excellent advice. I love the new caravan and I'm looking forward to many holidays!
Mrs R
Replaced my old caravan for a newer one with Dave at Rock Caravans. Excellent service and very knowledgable people. Would recommend.
Mr B
Sold my caravan to Rock Caravans and the service was very straight forward - good price and easy to deal with - would highly recommend.
Mr A
Best place in the West Midlands to buy a used caravan from. Matt and his team really give great service and arguably have the best used 6 berth vans in the area
Mark M

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